Friday, March 19, 2004

Do The Ends Justify The Means

Here is a story of a California psychology professor who apparently trashed her own car with racism graffiti and other odds and ends after a forum on racism. Apparently she led the police to believe that she didn't know who had done it.

I guess I just get sickened when I hear of people so focussed on making a point they forget what it is that they are actually doing. It reminds me of the proganda the Germans used to justify the actual start of the Polish invasion. If memory serves me correctly, the Germans stashed a bunch of dead bodies in a radio station dressed in Polish uniforms. They then loudly declared that the Poles had attacked them.

I guess the larger question is, what type of mentality or rationalization does it take to even contemplate these types of acts? The other question is, is this action on the part of the Professor equal or more inflammatory than the same action by a neo-nazi or such. Should her punishment be equal or greater than that which would be given to an ordinary person that did the vandalism?