Friday, May 28, 2004


Well following in the footsteps of my brother I finally set things up for comments. I was a bit hesistant about this because I don't like the idea of people taking anything that I say too seriously. The main reason I write is to force me to think a bit more about my random thoughts. I don't really go into the "popularity" thing as determined by the number of hits. However... I thought I would try this for a while. I have a feeling I will be spending some more time talking about education as the end of school stress starts to mount.

I think I may also try and find a random picture to go with each post. This one is from last easter down in Boise. It was a fun kayaking trip, even if my brother did miss meeting us by 15minutes. Whoops.

Personally I find this picture funny because of just how cheesy it is. It reminds me of some of the worst album covers of all times (a few PG shots). If only I could make a kayaking video, I am sure this shot could be up there on the list.


Clark Goble said...

Those album covers really are pretty funny.

chris g said...

Blogger comments are a pain. You have to make up your own blog to sign in. This isn't a big deal. You can just delete it once you do. I hate to say it, but I don't mind not turning things into a semi-chat page.

Clark Goble said...

Chris, probably in a little bit I'll have my blog stuff finished so you could use mine. I've not made it so I can post via the internet. But that's actually fairly easy to add. It's just finding the time to do it. Searching is what is next, but you can switch over eventually.