Thursday, June 17, 2004

Favorite Posts

Are Mormon Christians - Gary Cooper has a nice summary of why Mormons usually don't return the slander to the un-Christ like name callers. Personally I think God must just shake his head at the things that usually go on in the name of Religion.

Bible Literalism Usually this debate seems to end up in philosophical meta-speak or a dogmatic pushing match. I find the stats pretty interesting. It is hard to be a literalist unless you literally believe everything you read.

Over Zealousness Obviously I have a fixed interest on this topic, however it really is a fairly interesting point.

Thoughts on the U.S. army How can you not enjoy a post that points out some over arching trends? Now if it can just help me win Axis & Allies...

Stun Guns And who says science is never pratical. Who would have thought joule lasers could be exciting to anyone other than a physicist on a Friday night.

Terrorist Racketeering As always an insightful post about thw current world situation. The last paragraph is the most interesting. Pretty soon it is going to be very beneficial to countries to have a small terrorist network so they can use it to start to extort money from the States.

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