Monday, April 04, 2005

Favorite Posts

In an effort to keep an archive of some great posts, here is my March list of favorite posts

Brainwashing our children The comments are great. I feel hesistant about the way some activities, such as trek, are encouraged, to the extent that I am hesistant to help out. Of course maybe part of this comes from the fact I have to be very concious not to indoctrinate students into a particular paradigm. Here's an example of how this take is getting beat into me as a teacher

Going to hell in a handbag I enjoyed this post because it got me thinking about how the changes we see in society today may be more about the popularizing of low class culture, upturning the impractical (for the masses) conventions of the high class.

Psuedo Individual. Normally I don't like reading old posts of mine. This is because I write farily speculative thoughts that don't age well for me. However, this is one of the few I enjoyed reading again.

Models of Pre-Mortal Existence. It seems like this topic has been a hit around the atolls this month. Geoff gives a good summary of some of the major perspectives.

From around

Religious Left

Medical Futility

Satisfaction from Criminal Suffering

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