Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Vacation's Over

I am back from summer vacation, so hopefully things will get going again. I don't expect the frequency of posting will change much from the usual one a week or so. As always, the posting is mainly for myself. Putting ideas on paper seems to draw out many of the associated consequences. Of course it will take some time to get caught up to everything in the blogosphere. Plus this fall home renovations and a girlfriend will be competing for time.


J. Stapley said...

Welcome Back

chris g said...

Thanks. I had a good time up north. I took a couple of wrong turns on a hike in the Babines, and at 45km found myself on the wrong side of the park, well out of food, and rather late. Luckily I made it over the pass before dark and back to the car a bit after the last light failed. However that extra 20km back sure didn't help my knees.

Other than that I had a few good kayak runs by myself. One involved quite a nasty portage around this thundering 40 foot waterfall on the Tuya. I tried to get a good look at it to run it, but couldn't see if there was a cave at the base of my line. Also, once I climbed up the ridge by the river, downstream looked as nasty as anything I had seen before. That meant 800 feet straight up some greasy dirt and 3km through a dwarf spruce forest with acopalyptic mosquitoes. All that carrying a 40kg boat on my shoulder. At the time I really wished I had jumped the waterfall and taken my chances.

Other than that I had a few minor tosses in holes on remote rivers, some beautiful scenery, and a few interesting hours heading down a narrow salmon spawning creek conviced a was going to run into a bear(I had lost my spray on the rap into the canyon).

I loved seeing the old gold towns on the coast. Some parts of the north really are spectacular. I couldn't beleive how mild the Alaska panhandle was. It seems like ideal farming country, well if there is any land that isn't vertical.

J. Stapley said...

Wow...given the choice I woulnd't have blogged either. :)