Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Using the grey

There are good and bad consequences in every decision. It seems as if negative consequences are defined as such because of the loss of future opportunity caused by them. However, no path that we ever take will be without negative consequences. Attempts at minimizing negative consequences may end up being more a function of what we do with a grey world than how much grey there may actually be.

Perhaps negative consequences can be thought of as a linear function. What we do with negatives may be a quadratic function. Initially the value of the linear function may be larger than the quadratic, but over time, a quadratic will always dominate. So while avoiding negatives may look appealing in the short run, eventually, real benefit may involve finding out how to deal with a grey world.

In this light, righteousness involves less avoidance and more action. Righteousness may involve getting the most out grey situations. It may mean having an ability to make all things work for our benefit. It may be akin to changing our environment by changing our perceptions of it. In effect, it would mean putting on a pair of rose colored glasses, not to hide what is wrong, but to highlight what may be done with it.

Now this doesn’t mean that there is no wrong, no sin. From my point of view it also doesn’t mean one should go out and walk the edge of right and wrong under the misguided rationalization that it is beneficial. Rather it means knowledge of consequence is essential. Goals are paramount, and all decisions are to some extent limiting. (Thus to my mind, faith is the power of action with a sure knowledge of the effects of implementation)

Sometimes the Spirit isn't there to tell us which decision is the absolute best. Sometimes the merit of decisions depends on what we are willing to do with them. It involves, how we are willing to use the unique opportunities that each presents. In essence, the Spirit lets us know if what we are thinking of doing lines up with what we hope to get out of it. In this sense, the spirit can't make us into automatons. All it can do is line up our desires with the options that are available.


Andy said...

I presume you mean grey matter, right?

chris g said...

good pun