Wednesday, October 19, 2005

October Favorites

Council in heaven
Geoff talks about the idea that there may be quite a few physical worlds in which we live and progress. Like many others I may be misunderstanding his post, but it seems one of the things being said is that the Kingdoms are descriptors of personal character rather than exclusionary spheres of existence. Thus a traditional telestial person who has been around for a while may be sharing an existence with a traditional celestial person who has not been through much yet. They both have the same character, only one has had to suffer and pay for their sins themselves going through several more steps, the other used the atonement, saving quite a few steps.

angels, what good are they?
Don asks why angels are doing things that the godhead should be capable of? This is an interesting question to me. It seems one can explain this by saying
1. God lets angels act for them so they continue progressing in his image. In this way they learn how to act like he does. ie the standard reason we give for our laity having callings.
2. God is a busy person and uses this help to accomplish those things he feels are important, and are impractical for him to do himself. (Kurt's comment)
3. God's unlimited protestant like omnipotence means that angels are used because we are not worthy to experience things directly from him. Intermediates are necessary. (no Catholics seemed to comment)
4. The godhead is the vehicle in whose name angels act. ie, the play the part thye need to as long as things are seamless. I forget the fancy name given to this type of role playing.

The main issue at Issues in Mormon Doctrine took a while for comments to get roling. You could probably hear all the gears grinding as people worked through the problem or stalled out from the challenge. I still have a few posts that are half finished from tangential ideas brought up.

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